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ColoredStartButtons.zip   Over 20 diffrent colored buttons

Hacking the startbutton.zip   How to change the text to what you wish

Ändra din startknapp i WindowsXP på svenska lite förenklad.

Startbutton.zip   More tips about the Luna Theme

XP Tips.zip   About 50 XP Tips

Logon Screen.zip   Change your logon screen

ICQ No banner.zip   No banners in ICQ 2001b

PopStopHOSTS.zip   Stop Popup window with the HOSTS file

SpeedUpNetworkSearch.zip   Speed up your network search win 2000/XP

How to fix a deactivated XP  Can help if your XP is Deactivated

Get the Resourcehacker prog here   Here is the good reshack prog needed for hacking the startbutton

Nullemans guide elektronik för dummies


Under construction more XP stuff come up soon.